The Jade Infused Beauty Facial System is a botanical powerhouse of proven ingredients like calming Jojoba, hydrating Rosehip and balancing Cannabis. What makes our products more effective is the use of full-spectrum and unrefined oils. Our Cannabis extracts, rich in the most precious CBD derived from the marijuana plant, is complete with the full cannabinoid entourage for greatest results. Most people agree after just one use.

Take comfort in knowing that all our products are pure, clean, safe and exactly what they say on the label. Jade Infused Beauty is formulated for Adult Use cannabis markets and adheres to all state regulations including product testing for bacteria, heavy metals and toxins at parts per billion (PPB). The FDA only tests at parts per million.

CLEANSING OIL | Sweet Orange & Lemon | Cannabis Infused

Our natural cleansing oil hydrates and calms while lifting away excess oil, dirt, makeup and toxins.

HYALUROPNIC GEL | Grapefruit & Lavendar | Cannabis Infused

Our hydrating gel rich in hyaluronic acid soothes and calms while it penetrates deep into pores to restore elasticity and plumpness.

GOLDEN SERUM | Sunflower Glow | Cannabis Infused

Luminate with our Golden Serum for a natural glow that reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines.

PROTECTIVE MOISURIZER | Rosehip & Ginseng | Cannabis Infused

Protect your skin from the elements, stimulate circulation, and cell rejuvenation with our Rosehip & Ginseng Protective Moisturizer for moist and dewy skin.

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