About Us

We believe we are all beautiful. Our individuality makes us human. Confidence makes us glow. Flawless beauty is a convention that strips us of what makes us unique and potentially endangers our health. 


Having hailed from a family of homeopathic aestheticians and cosmetologists, Jade is a New York State Licensed Medical Aesthetician with 10 years experience formulating treatments for over 1,500 loyal clients. Passionate for cleansing her clients of unwanted and often dangerous artificial ingredients, Jade smartly-formulates natural skin and hair solutions that use naturally derived molecules, fatty acids, antioxidants, collagens, antibacterials and antiinflammatories to work safely and effectively with our bodies for glowing results

Jade’s journey led her to pairing powerful natural ingredients like vitamin rich jojoba and sunflower oils, with nourishing full-spectrum cannabis extract, providing a synergistic entourage effect. Jade’s formulations result in a healthy beauty homeostasis without the use of any harmful or artificial ingredients.


Growing old gracefully, Dawn sought Jade for her own beauty transformation. Plagued with acne at an early age that continued into adulthood, Dawn found herself struggling to manage outbreaks on her mature skin. Jade helped her to understand the causes of her blemishes and formulated a natural regime to bring her skin to homeostasis. The transformation was immediate and amazing. With a confidence she’s never felt before, Dawn literally threw out all her expensive cosmetics and skin products and became make-up free. “I feel free for the first time. Free from make-up and products with questionable ingredients. I wasn’t born with flawless skin yet Jade has given me a natural glow I’ve never had before. I’d like everyone to feel beautiful in their own skin.”

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